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Heart2Hearts: A Month Of Giving From The Heart

The Heart2Hearts Challenge is truly a win-win scenario:

You win by pledging to take on a heart healthy challenge during the month of February.

Your funds raised or donation wins when they are doubled with matching funds from big-hearted partners.

And, best of all, we all win by supporting life-saving cardiovascular care in the heart of our community.

Pick A Heart2Hearts Challenge:

1 - Eat 5 Servings Of Vegetables And Fruit Each Day To Promote Health And Help You Feel Your Best

Take a step towards better health and the small changes will become new habits that affect your overall heart health. Pledging to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables can reduce your blood pressure and help raise much needed funds for life-saving care in the heart of your community.

2 - Get up And Move Every 30 Minutes

Get blood circulation through the muscles, live with greater vitality throughout your day, and get all the health benefits. Pledging to “get up and move” during the Heart2Hearts Challenge in February not only improves your health, it raises funds for life-saving care in the heart of your community.

3 - Be Mindful - Try One Of These Tips 3x/Week

  • Do what you're doing
  • Pay attention to what you're doing
  • Return to what you are doing if your thoughts carry you away
  • Repeat nine billion times

Take the pledge to be mindful during the Heart2Hearts Challenge in February. Reduce stress and increase long-term well-being and happiness. With your pledges matched by a generous community partner, there's never been a better time to "be mindful".

Show You're a Community Champion with Heart

Heart2Hearts is a month-long campaign during Heart Month and a unique opportunity to show that your company believes in supporting it’s community and giving from the heart! Your Heart2Hearts Community Champions’ pledge to matching donations will be actively promoted throughout the month of February on radio, television, print and through social media and University of Ottawa Heart Institute website. Donors and our community will discover your strong commitment to supporting life-saving cardiovascular care in the heart of their community. Become a Heart2Hearts Community Champion today!


Take the Challenge