2017 Heart Month Ambassador

Heart Month is an opportunity to support the world-class cardiac care to which the University of Ottawa Heart Institute has been committed since 1976. By participating in Heart Month, you will raise funds and awareness that goes straight to the heart of care in our community.

As Heart Month Ambassador, Dr. Thierry Mesana, President and CEO of the Heart Institute, will renew his personal commitment to promoting the importance of heart health by taking the lead and challenging himself to make a difference in an interesting way. His personal challenge will have a positive impact on the care, education and research performed at the Ottawa Heart Institute each day.

Dr. Mesana and his daughter will travel to Tanzania at the end of January to climb Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. As they reach new heights, they hope to help the Ottawa Heart Institute do the same by encouraging you to make a donation in support of the Heart Institute.

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