University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation

Hello all!

The Sezlik Team has come together with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute to fundraise money for the Da Vinci Robot. This robot is extremely beneficial to both patients and surgeons as the robot adds extra depth to the surgery that is not available with traditional open-heart surgery. The robot has two cameras that offer a 3D view of the heart during a procedure. In a conventional thorascopic surgery, we see everything in two dimensions and there's no depth. Not with the robot! The surgeon sees the heart in 3D on a plasma 5K screen, better than at the movies.

Its four arms are perfect for operating in tight corners like in the mitral valve. We only need a 6 cm incision to go through the patient's rib and have access to the heart.

Within the first year of the procedure, the patient experiences less pain and fatigue and most go back to work three months later. The second year, the patient's quality of life remains undoubtedly better with the robot than with traditional surgery.


Our goal here at is to raise $1,500,000 (approximately half the funds of the robot) but this will not be possible without your help! 

Join our team, and donate today!


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