Tools and Tips

Here are some tips and tricks to get you started in your fundraising journey.

Step 1: Register

You can register as a Team Captain, Team Member or as an individual. Follow the instructions on each page. It’s easy!

Step 2: Personalize your page

Familiarize yourself with the Participant Center page. It has everything you need to get you started. Once on your personal page, add pictures and a story. A story and pictures are great ways to encourage your friends to give to the cause.

Fundraising tips

Tip #1 : Reach out to all of your contacts through email and social media.
Tip #2 : Personalize every email you send to your contacts. A personal touch is all you need to get your friends involved.
Tip #3 : Don’t forget to “ask”. Nobody knows what you need unless you ask.
Tip #4 : Make it personal. Add your story on your fundraising page. There’s a reason why you are fundraising for the Heart Institute. What is it? Let the world know.
Tip #5: As a fundraising goal, ask 5 friends for a $20 contribution each month. You could make $1200 in one year.
Tip #6 : Last but not least, have fun!

We give away all sorts of prizes and recognition to our Heart Champions for each fundraising milestones.

All donors receive an official electronic tax receipt by email.